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Because people see their friends do it and they want to join in.

And because in the olden days people used that in films to show people that they were bad people and were acting cool.

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Q: Why do people think smoking is cool?
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How smoking starts?

If you meant, how do you start smoking? Then I will answer. You see if you try smoking even once, it's hard to quit smoking. People may think it looks cool, but it won't look that cool when you die from it, right?

Why go smoke free?

If you think that smoking is cool and you have doubts about it, think again! If a guy or a girl has to hold on to a cigarette to be cool, how cool can they get? If you think that smoking is cool and you have doubts about it, think again! If a guy or a girl has to hold on to a cigarette to be cool, how cool can they get?

Is the smoking ads harmful for teens when they wacth tv?

Yes. Smoking ads make teens think that it's cool to smoke. Smoking kills thousands of people every year, it's not cool.

Why is smoking so popular?

Because being cool is popular. And to be cool, you must smoke, because smoking is cool. Some people think smoking is "cool" and they want to fit in even though smoking is complelety unhealthy and makes the breath stink. In some parts of the world smoking is declining in popularity eg in Britain it was banned in public buildings and statistics show people have cut down.

Why is smoking good for you?

Smoking is NOT good for you or those around you.

Why do teanagers smoke?

They do it because they think it is cool and that they 'think' they know it all. but I know lots of people who have died from smoking, drugs e.c.t

Why do youngsters smoke?

Because they want to look cool, and they think smoking is cool.

Does smoking look cool?

Some people think it does look cool, and it might look cool to you too. But smoking is so not cool. You are probably asking this question because you want to look cool or be cool. First of all, no matter how cool you think it looks, it is unhealthy. You can die from smoking. It can also lead to lung cancer, and then death. Smoking is horrible, you get too many health risks, it's hard to get off of smoking and it leads to even worse things like, meth, drinking, drugs, etc. Don't try smoking just so you can look "cool", because you won't look so cool when you are coughing with a raspy voice, and then dying. I highly recommend you don't try smoking, no matter how "cool" it looks.

What would you say about smoking to a person 14 who wants to start smoking to be '' cool and sophisticated?

I guess yes but I think smoking is cool im so old times...

Why do tattoos influence peer pressure?

Because people who influence people to get tattoos say its so cool like smoking but smoking isn't cool too.

What are the risks from tobacco when you smoke it and how many people die around the world each year when they smoke.?

people smoke because they think they look cool or they are cool sometimes you smoke if your depressed people start smoking usually when they are in middle school then is is a habit they can not break

Are drugs cool?

No drugs are definitely not cool. You might think they're cool because you get attention from other people especially from the so call "cool kids," but you can die for smoking, injecting or snorting drugs. And once you become addicted it is nearly impossible to break the habit.