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Q: Why do people think nothing bad could ever happen to them?
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What will happen if boys where girl dress?

well nothing will happen. Some people may think theyre gay or just weird but haha i think its funny.

What will happen if someone stealed gold from a pyramid?

They would be rich. Some people think that if you steal something fron a pyramid you would get cursed, but this has never happened, so i think nothing will happen

Is it possible for an electric blanket to make someone invisible?

I really don't think so. Nothing in science suggests that it could happen.

What does the scientist think will happen in 2012?

Nothing will happen, it's going to be a regular year.

If the force of a moving an object points at least partially in the opposite direction of the objects motion?

Nothing will happen. Nothing will happen. I think.

What do you think will happen to planet venus in the future?

Nothing special.

What is a statement that can be tested and that explains what you think will happen in an eperiment?


What can happen after you swallow a lot of gum?

Nothing really but when you swallow it,it only takes a few days not 10 years like people think.

Why are some people doing nothing about global warming?

Some people think they do much (like recycling).Most people just don't think about it that often.Some people really don't care, cause "The end of the world wont happen in our time, anyway".

What is witchery and what does it cure?

Witchery doesn't exist and it cures nothing. It only exists in the minds of people who think that if they pray to the natural world that something will happen.

Do you need to see a doctor about your mole hurting?

Yes, it could be infected. Some people think that cancer can happen in moles.

Why do people think discord and princess celestia were dating?

Well there not. That's just fans having fun. They think characters will be fun to put together, and so they make it happen. The writers have nothing to do with it