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Q: Why do people read when they use the bathroom?
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What is a bathroom break?

A bathroom break is a time set aside in a school or workplace when people can use the bathroom.

Can a public library with one bathroom refuse to let people use it?

A public library has every right to not let people use their bathroom.

What is a cheap alternative to ceramic tile in a bathroom?

A lot of people use vinyl flooring in a bathroom.

What do people use to weigh things?

I typically use a bathroom scale.

It belongs to you but other people use it more. What am I?

is it the bathroom??

Where do Jews read?

Jews read everywhere that other people read, such as in bedrooms, living rooms, libraries, and parks. Jews refrain from reading, however, in the bathroom.

What is a sentence for the word condominium?

Bob was forced to kick out the jocular man who decided to use the bathroom that read "Do not use!" in the condominium that was for sale.

Can you use the bathroom or may you use the bathroom?

the correct term is may I use the bathroom

Where can you read 迷情館?

You can read at the library but most people will lock their doors in their room and read for a long time. Also you can read at the park, beach, or a very quiet place such as the bathroom.

Should people use the bathroom everyday?

yes to keep healthy

The difference between bathroom and private bathroom?

Private bathroom-> this is only for a single person. He will use it and no one can use that. Bathroom-> It will be general bathroom every body can use it.

Do you have to use the restroom to much when you have your period?

you dont necesaarily need to use the bathroom, you might want to or feel like you want to basicalyy people go to the bathroom alot not to use it but to change it