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All forms of life really depend on water. 70% of a human's body weight is water that needs to be topped- up regularly for us to stay healthy. Aside from food, water is one of the most important things here on earth. We need water to survive, without that presence of water in our body we die very quickly. In a nutshell, life would be impossible without water. We need water to help process food through our bodies, we couldn't live for any longer then a week or two without water

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Q: Why do people need water to live?
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How many people need water to live?

Every living person needs water to live. Roughly 6,706,993,152 people (as of July 2008) need water to live.

What do people need to live in space?

people need water and food and to live oxygen and if you can get some shouter.

How the water can help people live?

you need water to live. water got a lot protein in it and it is healthy

What do people need in order to live?

People need shelter in order to live.They need a home,water ,food,and air.These are some of the things people need in order to live.

Why do people throughout the world live next to the rivers?

Because it is a source of water. And you need water to live.

Why was water so imaportant for traders in Americas wilderness?

People need water to live.

What are the things people need to live?

They need food , shelter , oxygen , water etc.

Do green plants need people to live?

No. Green plants were on the planet, long before there were people. Green plants need carbon dioxide, water, sunlight, soil, and seeds to live. They do not need people.

Plants and animals need it?

need food and water to live just like us people do

How did water affect society?

Water allows people to live. Water is necessary for humans to live. Water contains some essential minerals that our bodies need to survive.

How many people used water in the world?

Everybody uses water because we need water to live and to stay hydrated

What do aboriginals need to live?

Aboriginals need what all people need in order to live. They must have food and water to survive. They will also need a type of shelter as well as clothing.