Why do people laugh at farts?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Usually, because they're embarrassed.

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Q: Why do people laugh at farts?
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Why do farts make people laugh?

I would love to get all philosophical here about why farts people laugh. But ultimately, they're funny because it just is. I mean, it's pronounced F A R T. F A R T. How can you not laugh at that?

Why do we laugh about farts?

Because the noise of a fart is sometimes loud and hilarious, or the person is trying so hard not to embarrass themselves by laughing about such a childish thing that they do laugh. Its called reverse psychology. But for "silent but deadly" farts, they just laugh to laugh. I don't know, the idea of farting is just FUNNY! :D :D :D :D :D. and it is just flat out funny too see them squench and \ / squeeze there face.... lol ~|~ [ ___]

What would you say when someone farts?

some people say, "who cut the cheese". Other say nothing. Many laugh.

Does asparagus turn farts green?

no but it does make you fart uncontrollably when you laugh as it relaxes the sphincter muscles

Does water help people to reduce farts?

Yes, water does help farts. My dad’s farts a lot when he takes a bath every night.

What does the agualung do?

it comes and farts on people

Do people die from farts?

Obviously not.

How much does a average person farts?

the average amount of farts people do is 50 per day

How do comedians make people laugh?

comedians make people laugh by telling people `joke's` that are funny and then people obviously laugh . :)

Is it rude to laugh at people?

Yes it is rude to laugh at people

What is grecco-roman civilization?

farts farts farts farts farts

Can Funny People not make you laugh?

Funny People can make you laugh!!!!!!!!