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Q: Why do people fluff their pillows before they go to sleep?
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Why do you sleep on pillows preferably two?

Most people sleep with loads of pillows, but only 1 under there neck.

Why do people sleep on pillows?

Some people like to lay on their side

Which brand makes pillows in different styles for people who sleep in different positions?

Snoozer, "Relax Right", and "Pacific Pillows" are good pilllows for people that like to sleep in different positions.

What is the best brand of sleep pillows?

The best brand of sleep pillows are Down Alternative "Gel" pillows. They have the best reviews, ratings and comparison. This is based on +3000 consumer experiences.

How do contour pillows help people sleep?

The contour pillow can be shaped into different sizes to suit how you lay when your sleeping.

Why do you need pillows when you sleep?

Pillows support your neck to keep it comfortable and lift your head to keep blood from rushing to it.

Why do North Americans sleep with stacks of pillows behind their heads and Asians sleep with only one pillow?

It sounds like North Americans have the wrong pillows! Try a Restora.

What are the claimed benefits of Dunlopillo pillows?

Pillows are important part of getting a good nights sleep. Dunlopillo pillows claim that their pillows can maintain their shape night after night, reduce allergies, and remain fresh and dry.

What do orthopedic pillows do for you?

The primary aim of orthopedic pillows is to make sure you sleep comfortable at night. This is achieved by enabling your neck to be aligned correctly, hence you can wake up and go to sleep in comfort.

Can certain types of pillows reduce sleep apnoea events?

Yes, there are pillows specifically designed to reduce sleep apnoea events. You can find them in many places such as, Walmart among others.

Is duck feather pillows good to sleep on?

yes because that is wat some people use for a pillow in long ago but now we have cotton

About how much would one expect to spend on select comfort pillows?

Select Comfort is the maker of Sleep Number beds and accessories. There are a variety of Sleep Number pillows ranging in prices from $10.49 to $239.99.