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Most types of hose stockings provide at least some degree of massaging of the leg muscles, when some walking is done. This helps to improve circulation, innervating the nerves of the lower extremities, and minimizing pain or discomfort over the course of a long day.

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Q: Why do pantyhose keep your legs from hurting?
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Do pantyhose help support legs?

Yes, of course, if it's support pantyhose.

What your favorite part about wearing pantyhose?

Pantyhose makes the legs look smooth and hides imperfections on the legs. Support pantyhose also improves circulation in legs to relieve fatigue and energise the legs. control top pantyhose can help slim the tummy, hips and thigh areas. Getting the right size for pantyhose is important, else the fit will not be comfy. Which is probably why women complained that pantyhose are uncomfy and are the worst things invented for them.

Why do support pantyhose feel like they massage your legs every time you move?

Because they do, that's the point of them, to keep the blood flowing.

Where are pantyhose wore the most?

Mainly on women's legs

What does nude pantyhose mean?

Nude pantyhose typically are pantyhose that are light in color and/or very sheer to the look and feel. Nude pantyhose shades are shades that match your skin tone and provide additional feel and finish to your legs.

How campers use pantyhose?

campers can use pantyhose to keep warm....fishermen can use pantyhose to put fish chum in to attract fish

How popular are pantyhose?

Not nearly popular enough...there is nothing that looks sexier on a nice pair of legs than suntan pantyhose!!!!!! I agree although I tend to wear jet or barely black pantyhose as well. It provides a nice finishing touch.

Can men wearing pantyhose help with circulation in legs?

Yes they can and it feels so good.

What is it like to have on a pair of pantyhose?

It's like a glorious second skin, a feeling that your legs are being caressed by wonderfully silky undergarments. There's nothing that finishes off a great pair of legs like a great pair of pantyhose. Try it!

Are pantyhose out of style?

I'd disagree, at least where this girl is concerned. I've always been a pantyhose wearer and I think they provide legs a finished and flawless look. Yes.

Who wears pantyhose more?

Women do. But men also wear. Nowadays more and more men are wearing pantyhose. You can find a lot of shops online where pantyhose for men are sold (and also pantyhose 'for women' are marked as suitable for men too). Pantyhose give benefits to both genders.

What brand of pantyhose does Amy Robach wear?

Leggs Sheer Energy She wears Leggs Sheer Energy Suntan All Sheer Pantyhose!! I have seen her in the Store Buying them. And I have to say , her legs in person are super smooth and very sexy in her pantyhose