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Aluminum chlorhydrate makes an excellent anti-perspirant, it prevents your pores from sweating.

Deodorants are some kind of scent and bacterial killer, they attempt to prevent smell and cover it up if it does happen.

Natural deodorants without aluminum have the handicap of having to be made from gently, "natural" ingredients, so they have each foot in a cement-filled bucket.


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Q: Why do natural or aluminium-free deodorants not work?
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What are natural deodorants?

Natural deodorants are things that improve your smell without using chemicals found in most packaged, store-bought deodorants. These can be oils, flowers, and extracts.

Traditional Deodorants versus All Natural Deodorants?

Organic and all natural isn't a new shopping trend like most people think; it was only fairly recently that processed foods and goods were available on the market. Less than a hundred years ago, almost everything was all natural or organic, including deodorant. While modern, "traditional" deodorants may mask smell and stop sweating more readily, they also contain chemicals. If you have especially sensitive skin, other types of deodorants, including all natural, may work best.

Where could a book be bought for natural deodorants?

Natural deodorants are really becoming a craze, as more and more people are living more healthy, and are more concerned with the environment as well as the health and balance of there own bodies. Therefore a book on natural deodorants will easily be found at any health store.

Is it better to use natural deodorants?

Depends on the parameters of 'better'. Environmentally, arguably so but natural products must be harvested in order to make the product. People with sensitive skin can have allergic reactions to natural products such as deodorants, washing powders and the like and so a synthetic alternative is often sought.

How do deodorants differ form antiperspiants?

Natural Deodorants do not cause cancer, Antiperspirants do. Read "Cancer is not a disease, It is a survival mechanism" By Andras Moritz. It will open your eyes to a whole new perspective on the world.

What are some deodorant that aren't anti-perspirants?

Try the "teen" line of deodorants and check to make sure it doesn't list "antiperspirant. Also, Tom's of Maine has a ton of great smelling scented deodorants and is entirely natural.

Are deodorants harmful to the body?

Generally deodorants are not harmful to the body.

Can deodorants give you cancer?

There has been some medical concern that different deodorants 'may' cause cancer. The best deodorants one can use is Arm & Hammer Baking Soda which can be found at some grocery stores or, the other option is to go to a health food store. The skin is the largest breathing organ on your body so it's wise to try to go 'oh natural.'

Why are deodorants not allowed on submarines?

Aerosol deodorants aren't allowed because the propellant used displaces oxygen, and is therefore considered an atmospheric contaminant. However, stick deodorants are allowed (and encouraged).

What has the author Eric Abrutyn written?

Eric Abrutyn has written: 'Antiperspirants and deodorants' -- subject(s): Antiperspirants, Deodorants

What is found in deodorants and antiperspirants?


Do deodorants work by killing bacteria or disguising odor with fragrance?

Deodorants primarily work by disguising odor with fragrance. They contain chemicals that neutralize or mask the unpleasant smell produced by sweat. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, work by reducing sweat production and may also have antibacterial properties to decrease bacterial growth, which can contribute to odor.