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If an object's distance from the concave mirror is greater than the mirror's focal length, then the mirror image of it will be inverted. If the distance from the concave mirror is less than the focal length of the mirror, the image will not be inverted. No image will be produced if the distance from the mirror to the object is equal to the mirror's focal length.

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Q: Why do images in a concave mirror appear inverted?
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Why some images on mirror appear to be erect?

Some images on a mirror usually appear erect because of the concave mirror.

When you look at a plane mirror what does the images appear to be in th mirror?

An image that is laterally inverted.

What are the characteristics of a concave mirror?

A concave mirror is a converging mirror used in microscopes and telescopes. Characteristics include forming real and inverted and diminished images when an object is placed beyond the center of curvature or real, inverted and enlarged image when the object is placed between the center of curvature and focus.

What are the properties of images seen in a concave mirror if the object is farther from than the focal point?

The image formed is real, inverted, diminished and on the same side of the mirror as the object is.

Can you Describe the images formed in a concave mirror?

The concave mirror focusses images to its focal point. So the images formed are real inverted and increases in size as the distance between the aperture and the object decreases. When the object is placed between the focus and the aperture the image formed is virtual erect and magnified.

How can you distinguish between a plane concave and a convex mirror without touching them?

the image in the concave mirror will be real and inverted

Why an image on concave surface is inverted and not on concave mirror?

sorry dont know fam

What generalization can you make regarding the nature of the images formed by convex mirror?

the image will be Unreal. Concave mirrors form a real and inverted image where in tn convex mirrors the images are unreal.

What are the properties of images that a concave mirror can produce?

there is an imaginary point in front of the concave mirror, called the focal point or focus, which is half the length of the radius of the sphere of which the mirror was a part of(radius of curvature). usually an object if seen in between the mirror and focus gets magnified, beyond the focus, it gets inverted and reduced.

Why images form by concave mirror?


What types of images are produced by a concave mirror?

A concave mirror is dished in ward. A convex mirror domed. Both images will be distorted in size from actuality. A convex mirror will give a wider view of what you are looking at in the mirror. A concave mirror will compress and magnify the image being viewed.

What are the three kinds of mirrors and what kind of images do they reflect?

mirrorsconcave (converging) -->)-virtual: enlarged upright image when DoDo>F-real: same size inverted image when Do=C-real: diminished (smaller) inverted image when Do>Cconvex (diverging) -->(-virtual: diminished when Do is anywhereplane (flat) -->l-same size virtualmeanings of lingoDi is distance of image from mirrorDo is distance of object mirrorC is center of curvatureF is focal point "this is between the center of curvature and mirror