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If a person is cold a lot and has to pee often may have a cold. The person could also be pregnant, because the urge to pee is a sign of pregnancy.

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Q: Why do i feel cold and need to pee a lot?
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When do you pee?

whenever you feel the need to.

What does it mean when your pee is cold?

Your urine comes out at body temperature, which even if dangerously low, would not feel cold to the touch. If your pee feels cold to you it is because it is wet and just feels that way without actually being cold.

What to do if you have a cold?

drink lots of tea and aloe vera juice. also pee a lot.

When you masturbate-you feel like you need to pee is this semen?

If you are male then yes it is.

Need to pee but can't?

if you feel the need to pee and can't, you need to visit an ER or your doctors office. There could be a problem with your kidneys such as an infection, stone, or even kidney failure.

Why is it that some days you pee a lot and somedays you pee less?

you will pee a lot if you drink lot of water

What happens when your penis start to pee when you do not what it to?

Maybe you don't feel it or you need to be tested.

What infection have you got if you have constant burning around the urinary tract and don't feel when you need to pee but you leak and when you go to the toilet a little pee comes out then a lot?

It's probably a urinary tract infection. Or more specifically a bladder infection (Cystitis).

I feel i need to pee all the time and that I'm burning down there not when i pee though I am just at the end of my period?

You could have a bladder infection you need to go to a doctor if it gets worse

What if your male dog can't pee and is in a lot of pain?

You need to get your dog to the vet as soon as possible. If it can not pee and it is in pain it is suffering and may die.

Why do you pee a lot at night?

Some maybe sick too cold or in thr night you might imagine going to the restroom.

Can you pee in the back of your classroom?

yes if you really feel the need to i guess you could, but i wouldn't recomend it