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Fat people tend to hate or dislike themselves because society tell them that they are not normal. Society says only one way is beautiful.

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Q: Why do fat people hate themselves?
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Why does everyone hate fat people?

Because people dislike themselves so they must demean others to feel better.

Why do you hate fat people?

I don't.

Do emos hate themselves?

No, emos don't hate themselves, but they do hate it when people think stereotypical things like that. Keep in mind :] No, emos don't hate themselves. But some do hate life.

Do fat people hate carrots?

Yes they absolutely hate them. No they don't.

Why do people to hate?

they hate because they don't have nothing going for themselves,they hate for reasons.

Why does cordeeja hate fat people?

she isn't

Why are fat boys hypocritical and hate fat girls?

most of the time they are in denial themselves and don't want to believe they are overweight.

Why does Fernando botero hate fat people?

Fernando Botero is a Columbian artist. He does not hate fat people. Instead, he has said he's never painted a fat person, but has exaggerated the sizes of people he draws.

Does the KKK hate fat people?

No they do not. Most are over weight white guys. Hardcore skin-heads sometimes hate fat people but as a disability.

Why do skinny people hate fat people?

Low self esteem. Because putting other people down for no good reason makes insecure people feel better about themselves. Also, society frowns upon hating people because of their color, religion or sexual orientation, so hating people for their body type is about the only type of bullying that they can still get away with. NOTE: It is a misguided assumption that skinny people hate fate people or that fat people hate skinny people; the majority of people, fat, skinny, or otherwise, don't hate people. People who hate other people based on superficial attributes are called bigots. We are fortunate that bigots are a minority and that the great majority of people do not hate.

Do you hate black and fat people?

No, I don't. And you shouldn't either.

Why do the people always hate the thing which they can't do themselves?

Because they are jealous.