Why do black teens sagg?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: Why do black teens sagg?
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What is a good social network for black teens? is pretty new and for all black teens

Why do boys sagg their pants?

They think it's cool

What makes a 1992 buick lesabre sagg in the back?

blown shocks.

Which is better for Virgo woman - Sagittarius or Scorpio?

Scorpio 100% your a sign..Scoprio is water and earth absorbs the water. Sagg is a fire sign and they may be a little rough aroud the edges and a little to blunt for a Virgo. You may be drawn to the sagg but it will be short term..a Scorpio has lasting will stand the test of time, where a sagg is not one for long term relationships in the first place..there not ones to be tied down for long..especally sagg men...just speaking from my experience..I have dated both Scorpio and Sagg in my life.

Why do boys sagg?

To look cool and tough not weak. Which is weird because sagging is disgusting! :(

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There is a small one at the related link below.

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Most teens love black because it can go with anything.And to tell you the truth I'm one of those teens. You can wear black on any occasion. Black is also known as a ( sexy or cute ) color.

Is black nail polish bad for teens?

no it is just showing how you feel.

What is the percentage of interracial sex among sexually active white male teens?

25% of sexually white male teens have had sex with a black girl

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Ima well you can go on a diet, if not that the color black is slimming, :)

What is the health consequence for teens who use tobacco?

anything from black gums to lung cancer