Why do aliens abduct people?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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To mate them with either Elvis or Bigfoot to re-populate their dying planet.

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Q: Why do aliens abduct people?
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Can aliens abduct you?

If there are aliens

How do robots abduct aliens?

they will get you

Why don't aliens abduct penguins?

They don't abduct them because they are black and white and space aliens can only see color.

Are people who disappear abducted by aliens?

Ufo's and aliens are not real Aliens are real. They live on distant planets and distant galaxies. They do not come here to abduct humans. It is silly to think that.

What is the name of the movie where aliens abduct a few people and give them each a crystal that is a weapon?

my nipples are sore

What are the rights of a resident alien?

Resident aliens have the same rights as an American citizen.

Why do aliens abduct chickens?

because they feel like it

Why do UFOs abduct people?

becuuase they want to know more about the human race rember we are aliens to them as well are they to us

Why do aliens mostly abduct cattle?

they eat the cow that's their main diet

What does the word abduct mean?

When learning new vocabulary it is important to know how to use it. Abduct means to take someone away illegally. The aliens planned to abduct the young couple the next day.

Is it true that UFOs abduct cows?

Some says that but their belief is maybe wrong! Aliens can't do that! Only in movies!

Does America have Google?

Yes, but it is filled with so much porn that when you open it there, aliens will abduct you and then violently anal probe you.