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The Japanese were trying to occupy as much of the South Pacific as they could. This an example of Japanese Imperialism: the country sought to control the entire Asia-Pacific corridor, as well as to capitalise on the Natural Resources of the area. Papua New Guinea was (and is) rich in natural resources such as oil, and oil was as valuable a commodity then as it is now.

Singapore had already fallen, Rabaul (PNG) had already fallen, and the Japanese troops were getting much closer. Over the period of a year or more, Darwin and northern parts of Australia experienced periodic bombings from the Japanese.

In May 1942, a Japanese invasion fleet departed Rabaul for Port Moresby, and the Battle of the Coral Sea began. It was a very real threat which was only turned back by the US aircraft leaving from carriers. After being turned back by the US, the Japanese then turned their attention to an attack over the Owen Stanley Range via the Kokoda Track, which linked the northern and southern coasts of Papua New Guinea. Thanks to the Papua New Guinean natives assisting the Australians and the US troops, the Japanese were turned back, having to retreat to bases at Buna, Gona and Sanananda, where they were eventually defeated.

To read more about the Japanese invasion of Papua New Guinea, and the US and Australian offensive against the attacks, see the related link.

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Q: Why did the Japanese invade Papua New Guinea in World War 2?
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When did Japan invade Papua New Quinea in world war 2?

1345. BTW dick head it's Papua new Guinea

When did the allies invade New Guinea during world war 2?

The Allies did not invade New Guinea. They protected it from the Japanese invasion that began in 1942.

Which countries were involved in world war 2 in Papua New Guinea?

The Australian and US troops fought against the Japanese in Papua New Guinea during World War II. The Allies were assisted by the native Papua New Guineans.

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Which place is famous in Papua New Guinea?

The Kokoda Trail, which was the scene of a bitter campaign between Australia and the US against the Japanese in World War II, is probably the most famous place in Papua New Guinea.

How did World War 2 affect Papua New Guinea?

Papua New Guinea was least affected during World War 2 when it New Guinea was invaded by the Japanese. The majority of the land were already occupied and protected due to its near-impassable Owen Stanley Ranges to the north and its southern location.

What dates was Papua New Guinea involved in World War 2?

Papua New Guinea was pulled into World War II when Japanese troops arrived at Rabaul on the northern tip on 23 January 1942. Involvement continued through the time that the Papua New Guinean natives assisted the Australian and US troops, throughout 1942, until the Japanese were repelled from their northern bases in January 1943.

How close to Australian territory did Japanese troops get in World War 2?

The were ON Australian territory since Papua New Guinea was administered by Australia.

What year did troops land at Papua New Guinea in World War 2?

Japanese troops landed at Rabaul, on the island of New Britain just off the coast of Papua New Guinea on 23 January 1942.It was late 1942-early 1943 when combined troops of Australian and Americans under command of General Douglas McArthur began landing in Papua-New Guinea to push the Japanese back.

Is papua new guinea the second largest island?

The island of New Guinea, rather than Papua New Guinea, is the second largest island. Papua New Guinea just occupies the eastern half. The world's largest island is Greenland.

What is the least explored country in the world?

Papua new guinea

What is the least explored jungle in the world?

Papua New Guinea

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