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because demi lavato coulnt be on the show because of a certain reason and since sonny with a chance is mainly about sonny and shes not their they call it so random

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Q: Why did Sonny With a Chance change to so random?
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Why did they change Sonny With a Chance to so random?

Because "Sonny" a.k.a Demi Lovato is not on Sonny With a Chance

Are there scripts for Sonny With a Chance on so random?

no there is no.

What is the name of Sonny's tv show on Sonny With a Chance?

So Random!

Did zora leave Sonny With a Chance?

No she did not leave she is still there and its no longer sonny with a chance its So random ::)

On Sonny With a Chance is So Random Better Or Mackenzie Falls?

So Random

What is the last episode of Sonny With a Chance?

The last episode of Sonny with a chance is where Sonny and the crew have their final episode of So Random!

How long will Demi Lovato leave Sonny With a Chance?

Forever. Sonny with a chance is now so random.

Should Sonny With a Chance be called so random?

I don't think so,because so random is not a real show,it's just a fake show on sonny with a chance.

Will there be anymore Sonny With a Chance?

Sonny with a Chance will continue as So Random, without Demi Lovato, or mention of the making of the show.

What happens in Sonny With a Chance - Sonny with a secret?

Apparently, Sonny is accused of theft and is fired from the So Random show.

What is the next episode after Sonny With a Chance Sonny withe a kiss?

after sonny with a kiss its so random holiday special

Sonny With a Chance episode so random Christmas?

in the so random chistmas chad and sonny kisses in some part!;or maybe in sonny with a secret part 1 0r 2!