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Larry Linville felt he had gone as far as he could go with the character. His contract was up at the end of 5 years, so the timing seemed good for him to pursue other opportunities. Mr. Linville had grown tired of playing the same cartoonish, negative role, and he felt the show was moving on, but his character could not, so he turned down the offer of another two year contract with the show.

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Q: Why did Frank Burns leave MASH?
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In what episode does Frank Burns leave MASH?

The episode entitled "Fade Out, Fade In" deals with Frank Burns's departure.

In MASH what was Frank Burns's middle name?

Frank Burns's full name was Major Franklin DelanoMarion Burns.

What was Frank's wife's name on MASH?

The name of Frank Burns's wife was Louise.

What was the real name of ferret face in the TV show Mash?

Major Frank Burns

What mash actors are dead?

Harry Morgan Also, Larry Linville (Frank Burns), and McLean Stevenson (Henry Blake)

How did 'Frank Burns' get his purple heart medal in the TV series' MASH'?

Due to a fragment in his egg shell

Who replaced Henry Blake on mash?

Henry Blake was replaced by Frank Burns for 2 episodes and then Sherman Potter came in and was there til the end of the series

Who played frank on the original movie mash?

In the Robert Altman movie MASH (1970) the role of Maj Frank Burns was played by Robert Duvall, Frank is a very religious, arrogant and incompetent man who attended medical school, but learned surgery through on-the-job training. He is the composite of two different characters from the book.

What did frank burns die of?


When was Frank R. Burns born?

Frank R. Burns was born on 1928-03-16.

What was frank burns nick name on MASH?

Frank never had an official nickname; however, he was often referred to as "ferret face" by the other cast members. This nickname was given to him by his brother when he and Frank were growing up. He confessed this to Trapper and Hawkeye in a drunken stupor after he had an argument with Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan.

How did Frank Burns of mash get his purple heart?

By lying. He got his purple heart by claiming he escaped from getting shot by a North Korean, when in fact he stubbed his toe one something...can't remember what though