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Q: Why cant you see clealy when you wake up in the morning?
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How does a grid apply to art?

you can see everything clealy

What is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning?

Things you see when you wake up in the morning:ClockWallCeilingWindowSunlightPet (cat; dog)

What do you see when you wake up in the morning?

della doing a moony

Why do owls cant see clearly in the morning?

an owl cannot see clearly n morning because it sleeps in morning

Who likes Saved by the Bell?

I do. I watch it every morning when I wake up. There are 4 episodes in the morning every morning and I only see 1/2 of one and a whole one. Sometimes I see the last one.

How do you know if they love you back?

If you wake up in the next morning, and see them next to you, naked and holding a cigarette.

Why is it when i wake up every morning i feel depressed?

It could be that you are depressed. You should go see your doctor.

Why cant we see the sun when it's morning?

because it is providing many lights

What causes white smoke from exhaust pipe in the morning?

the "smoke" is always there when you breathe in the morning, when its cold, you see like a mist, that what that is, its just you usually cant see it

How is your uniform clean everyday?

Because every time kids wake up in the morning they might see there uniform

How do spiders know when food id around?

they will see it moving then they attack but they only wake up at night don't worry if its morning

Why cant you see mars?

You can, and I did last night. It's only viewable early in the morning towards the NNE