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Your senses help you realise what is around you and cause you to take evasive action when required, They also cause you to do thing that are pleasant and good for you. For example being able to see is a great help when crossing the road. the discomfort of standing to close to a fire make you back of. hunger makes you want to eat. sex makes you want to procreate thereby forming the numbers needed for defence and further development of the tribe. without senses there would be no reason for any activity.

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Q: Why are your senses important for your survival?
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How important are the 5 senses?

The 5 senses were said to be a basis for survival. Now in this age, we can survive without one.

Why are sense organs important to us?

Our senses are survival mechanisms. They give us our first indication of something that is threatening us like fire or a predator etc.

Animal with sharp senses?

All animals have different sharp senses, since they are part of wild life and the survival requires a lot of sharpness.

Which two senses have whales well devolped?

Whales have many keen senses that allow for their survival. Two senses that whales have developed through history include their sense of touch and their sense of sound.

Why does the human body have so many neurons?

These areas have lots of neurons because our special senses are located there, plus the information that we receive from our hands, lips, and head are very important for survival.

Why eyes are important to survival in wild animals?

Why and how eye is important for survival of life

Why is a peacock important to its survival?

As with any organism, that organism has to be important to itself to ensure survival.

Why are westies important to there survival?

westies are important to survival because they can be pets and loving animals!

How is a rabbit adapted for life as a prey?

As a prey species, rabbits have many adaptations to ensure survival. Sharp senses, speed, and a high reproductive rate ensure their survival.

Can you give me a sentence for the word survival?

Survival is important in the wild.

Why is water important to a planarian's survival?

important of planarians

Why is a giraffe important to its survival?

If you mean why is a giraffe's neck important to its survival, the answer is that it's needed to reach the leaves that a giraffe eats.