Why are your farts so loud?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: Why are your farts so loud?
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How do you get your farts so loud?

You Get Your Farts To Be Loud By Pushing Out Hard As You Can.! ;-} HaHaHaHa

Why are early morning farts so loud?

Because you've been building up the gas in your intestines all night while digesting and it all has to come out in the morning. your ears have had time to ajust to the lack of sound while you were asleep, so it sounds louder. if you wait or hear some loud noise before you let rip it will sound quiter.

What are the different types of farts?

Eggy Fart the kind that smells like rottin eggs Juicy Fart the kind of fart that hurts when it comes out of your butthole and smells, and feels juicy Loud Fart the kind of fart that comes out loudly Silent farts quiet farts that are silent but deadly cause of the smell Fart A regular fart Poopie farts farts that come out when you are pooping and farting at the same time Humungous farts very loud and huge farts that are VERYYYYY!!!!!!! smelly Vibrate farts farts that make a vibrate sound when you are sitting on a chair that is hard Smelly farts farts that smell sooooooooo bad and knock you out and last but not least........................bad farts

What are the different kinds farts?

silent but deadly and the kind where theres a series of loud continuous farts but they don't smell as bad and there are juicey farts that smell yummy

What eats ostriches?

lions and cheetahs but jovanovich farts so loud and very stinky

How do you fart loud because my sister keeps beating me in farting contests?

You must channel your inner carload of farts

Do all poots stink?

no usually loud farts do not stink but S.B.D's do SBD stands for silent but deadly!!!!!!!! POOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why are your dogs farts as loud as humans?

It's just the pressure to comes out of the sphincter that creates that. Doesn't matter if you are human or not.

Why are some farts very loud?

It's not your fault it's your body's way letting all the gases out of the system.

What are some things that kids do when they are little?

Kids when they are young will be: loud, energetic, annoying, make farts, and genuinely do everything you tell them not to do.

Why don't dogs make a sound when they fart?

Because they don't have butt cheecks, like humans.Lucky Dogs! They do have farts that you can hear though sometimes. Like my dog for example...yeah her farts are loud...AND STINKY!! LOLZ

Do your farts smell bad?

Farts are produced by bacteria in your colon as a person breaks down meat in the small intestines. The loud ones that usually do not smell are from the gas made by the breakdown of vegetables. That is not to say that loud ones cannot smell bad because there is most often a mix of meat and vegetables eaten at a time.