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Because you get dehydrated.

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Q: Why are you thirsty when you have a cold?
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What can be eaten when you are hungry drink when thirsty and burn when it is cold?


Does drinking very cold water make you thirsty?

yes, it does.

Why do dogs pant and shiver at the same time?

Sometimes only if its cold and they are tired,cold and they are worn out,scared and thirsty,cold and they are thirsty,scared and tired or scared and worn out

What colour are Edward Cullen's eyes?

black when hes thirsty and cold when hes drank his animal blood.

A father gave a gift to his daughter and said if you are hungry then eat this if you are thirsty then drink this and if you are cold burn this What is this mystery substance?


What happens when you drink cold beverages while you are mowing the lawn while it is extremely hot outside?

You feel less hot and thirsty.

How do you say you are thirsty in spanish?

tienes sed = you are thirsty tengo sed = I am thirsty

Is thirsty a verb?

Thirsty is NOT a verb

How will you sell a cold water to an Eskimo?

That's easy. You wait until the Eskimo is thirsty, which is when the person has a need for it. Needs drive most of sales.

What is you are thirsty in Swedish?

Törstig = thirstyI am thirsty = Jag är törstigYou are thirsty = Du är törstigAre you thirsty? = Är du törstig?

What are some other examples of how feedback mechanisms help maintain homeostasis?

Other...? You are thirsty, you drink some water, your thirst ends. You are cold, you cover yourself with an insulating blanket, you feel less cold.

What is a noun for thirsty?

It depends on how it is used in a sentance. If it is like this: I am thirsty, then it is an adjective.