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Q: Why are you light-headed after waking up?
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Can anxiety cause you to be lightheaded when you bend over and sit up?

No, unless your anxiety is about being lightheaded. If that is the case, your mind can trick your body into feeling lightheaded.

When was Waking Up in Vegas created?

Waking Up in Vegas was created in 2007.

What is waking up in Lain?

Euigilans is the waking up in Latin. It is said to a person to wake them up.

Why do you feel lightheaded when you stand up?

because your blood rushes around your body sometimes and your head feels weird.

What is the duration of Waking Up in Reno?

The duration of Waking Up in Reno is 1.52 hours.

What is the duration of Waking up the Nation?

The duration of Waking up the Nation is 2880.0 seconds.

Waking up wet?

wut do u mean bi waking up wet??

What literary term is this The town appeared to be waking up?

town appeared to be waking up

When was Waking Up in Reno created?

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When was Waking Up the Neighbours created?

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How soon after waking up can you exercise?

You can exercise within 10 minutes after waking up. Give yourself a few minutes to get oriented and stretch, and you can get started.