Why are vampires so pale?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Example: When we are embarassed, our faces flush because blood rushes to our faces.

Vampires have no blood in their veins, they are the undead, it's impossible for a vampire not to be pale. That, and if they are never in sunlight, their skin will never darken.

Since they can't be near the sun,they can't have dry or tan skin. Isn't that why we are tan and sweaty?

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Q: Why are vampires so pale?
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Why are vampires pale?

Vampires pale because they are actually dead. When you die, your body feels freezing and, if you are white, you go pale. But if you are black you stay the color. Hope I helped :)

Why do vampires turn pale?

Vampires have no blood because other vampires when they bite people they drink all their blood so when there's no blood circulating in the body you turn pale so yeah not because they can't go in the sun so its hard to maintain a tan its because they have no blood at all but its true they can't go in the sun!!

If vampires are meant to be icy pale how is laurent black in the film?

Because he was obviously black when he was turned into a Vampire. Only the white Vampires are pale.

Why are the cullens so pale?

All vampires are pale - they cant go out in sunlight . In twilight , they sparkle in the sun and in other vampire films they may do other like burn .

What color skin do vampires have?

pale white skin Vampires retain what-ever skin colour they had when they were living. They may grow pale from anemia but this is a minor change not a defining one.

What is the difference in vampire and human?

difference between vampires and humans are that vampires dead and they drink blood. Plus vampires can fly and humans cant and vampires are very pale and mean .

Are all vampires pale white?

because black people suck

Are all vampires pale?

I would say yes. all the pictures of vampires I've seen have got pale skin as if they're gonna be sick! the sims, twilight etc. and..erm..that's it really.

How can Laurent be black in twilight they say vampires have pale icy white skin?

Vampires have a pallor, that means they are slightly anemic and have pale skin. You can still be black and have a pallor, it doesn't show as much of course but its is still there.

What are the traits of a elemental vampires?

Pale, red eyes, red lips, and very skinny

How do you know if its a vampires?

Vampires are not real, However in Movies you can usually tell by looking to see if their skin is pale, they have quick reflexes or they don't like sunlight.

What citys can you go to as a vampire on Skyrim?

You cannot become a vampire, but they have to bite you so you can become one (in the neck or in your middle arm)You can hunt for vampires in: France, Romania, Portugal, England and Spain.Mostly in Romania. Vampire's powers do exist! I'm a student working at the University of Yale and I've been studying about vampires. Vampires do have powers such as ; moving fast, growing their fangs and becoming a bat at night time.WARNING: When you see somebody very pale, with another group of pale people or just by its self... beware.Most vampires liking following children from ages 4-11 so they can turn them into a vampire.Vampires do exist!