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cause they put off radiation witch can damage u

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Q: Why are there health concerns about the use of microwaves?
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What are the risks of microwaves?

Exposure to high levels of microwaves can cause burns and cataracts. Additionally, there have been concerns about potential health risks from leaking microwaves or from consuming food that has been heated unevenly. However, when used properly and maintained in good condition, microwaves are generally considered safe for home use.

Is microwaves are harmful for your health?

Your grammar is horrible, but yes microwaves are harmful to your health.

Are there health concerns to people with the use of GMOs true or false?

There are definitely concerns; how valid these concerns are is a matter of some debate.

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we dont have any concerns

What devices use microwaves?

Microwaves have lots of uses, some commercial (such as microwave ovens, satellite TV, and weather radar) and some military (such as missile guidance systems), applications in the field of scientific research, microwaves monitor the environmental health of our planet as well as to learn more about the universe. Research scientists use microwaves in two types of systems: active and passive. In active systems, such as radars, scientists send out microwaves and examine what comes back. In passive systems scientists simply look for naturally occurring microwaves and use them to learn more about the objects that emit the waves.

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