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Ruminants have green plants as their food. These plants contain a type of complex carbohydrate, called cellulose. In the cecum, a kind of symbiotic bacteria helps digest cellulose. In ruminants, a major part of all carbohydrates, including the complex carbohydrates such as cellulose and hemi-cellulose, is digested by bacterial action.

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Q: Why are the bacteria present in the caecum of ruminants?
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What type of carbohydrate can only be digested by ruminants and not humans by?

cellulose which is present in grass can be digested by ruminants but cannot be digested by humans

Are canines present in ruminants?

yes canine teeth are present in ruminants

Digestive system of ruminants?

The digestive system of ruminants consists of four stomach.

Is the caecum important?

The importance of the caecum depends on the species. For carnivores and omnivores (such as humans and dogs), the caecum is not important. For herbivores, like the horse, the caecum is important because it houses bacteria that help it breakdown food (eg. cellulose).

Why can ruminants not digest grass in absence of bacteria?

as they are bloody fools !

What is the name of the bacteria inside the cecum of ruminants?

Ramulous Circumtancis (Scientific Name)

Is a termite a ruminant animal?

No ruminants are all mammals, a termite is an insect. However both ruminants and termites use symbiotic bacteria to help them digest cellulose in their food.

How do bacteria in you intestines help you?

Some bacteria, including E. coli, help people and animals to digest food and help in providing vitamins . Ruminants, such as cattle and sheep, contain large numbers of bacteria in the rumen to help in digestion of grass by the degrading celluose into nutrients that can be absorbed. Ruminants rely on the bacteria, since they lack these essential digestive enzymes themselves. I hope this helps!

What happens if bacteria is present in mouth?

Bacteria is always present in the mouth.

What are the advantages if animals have a long caecum?

So they can see (or cae) how long they cum. Only males possess this particular thing. This is so that they know they are worthy of mating. Nah jokes im just trolling. The real reason why animals would have such a long caecum is so that the indigestible food (such as leaves) can be broken down...the bacteria in the caecum break down fibre into food that can be absorbed

What kind of bacteria can be found in the stomach of cow and goat?

There are primarily four types of bacteria found in the reticulo-rumen of ruminants like cows and goats: cellulose-digesting, hemicellulose-digesting, starch-digesting and lactate-utilizing bacteria.

Why are ruminant able to digest cellulose?

Actually ruminants cannot digest cellulose, they have symbiotic bacteria in a part of their stomach called a "rumen" digest the cellulose down to sugars and starches that the ruminants can actually digest in another part of their stomach later.