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Q: Why are some people very serious?
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Can asthma be a malady?

Asthma can become very serious if not treated properly, some times people will outgrow this condition.

Why was Mozart unpopular?

Mozart was unpopular because he was very annoying to some people. he could not take most of anything serious.

Why do awareness campaigns exist?

Some issues are very serious, but not many people know about it (they aren't aware) so there are campaigns that raise awareness of such issues. For example, everyone knows cancer is very serious, and of that, breast cancer may be the one that gets most publicity and effort. However, pancreatic cancer is even more serious, and has a very low survival rate but not many people know about it, so not as much effort is geared towards it. Therefore there are some awareness campaigns that tell people more about pancreatic cancer, how serious it is and the symptoms.

What happens to people who eat so many carbohydrates over a long period of time?

If they don't do some serious exercising, they will get very fat!

What problems some people have hiatus hernia?

A hiatal hernia can cause very serious acid reflux and if left untreated can cause very serious problems with the esophogus. Some hiatal hernias can be repaired surgically and others cannot. See your general practitioner doctor or your gastroenterologist for a treatment regimen.

Why do people help on animal rights?

People who care about animals, care to fight for the rights of animals..If you do not care about animals i strongly suggest leaving the people who do alone..some people are very serious about this subject.

Can lung disease be caught from other people?

no only if it is very serious

Is chronic laryngitis something to worry about?

Yes, it can be caused by some very serious things, it can also cause some very serious problems. You MUST go and see a dcotor about this. I'm a doctor

What are some sentences for pollution?

Pollution is a very serious problem in our world.

What is bad about the flu?

Influenza, or the flu, is a very serious disease. It can kill people, especially very old or very young people who have weaker immune systems.

Why miss cornelia and miss chambers said in a very serious voice you should never touch people like that?

well they used a serious voice because it was a serious topic it is important to learn not to touch people

A sentence with the word serious?

John is a very serious man This is a very serious matter