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Because without them your body could not react to things

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Q: Why are reflexes important for the body?
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Where are reflexes?

Some reflexes can be on places such as the mouth, legs, and arms. They are everywhere on your body. For example, when you touch a hot stove with your elbow, it will have the same effect as if you touched the stove with your hand. Reflexes are important body functions because reflexes protect the body from harm.

Why are strong reflexes important for the body to have?

with out your strong reflexes you could injure your self example: you touch a hot stove and burn your skin of.

What would happen if you had no reflexes?

if you don't have reflexes,you can't move because your body like a rock and a reflexes.

Reflexes are a part of the body's defense mechanism. true or false?

Reflexes are a part of the body's defense mechanism.

Which reflexes are particularly important in maintaining balance?

crossed extensor reflexes

Reflexes are a primary function of the?

The primary function of reflexes is to prevent injury to your body and protect you from things that may be harmful to you and your body.

What is the pourpose of reflexes?

to protect the body

Why are reflexes important?

cause they keep you alive. no they are important so they keep you alive bad reflexes mean bad muscle strengh

Why are most reflexes important?

because you will get hit and hurt if you don't have reflexes and if you do you can't get hit or hurt

What reflex is important in maintaining balance?

Crossed extensors reflexes

What is the superficial cord reflex?

Superficial cord reflexes are the reflexes that happen when the body is exposed to pain. Superficial cord reflexes are centered in the spinal cord not the brain.

How do reflexes protect the body from injuries?

yes, reflexes are your bodies natural defense against things that are dangerous. That's why they are hard to prevent or use when you want to use them. When you burn yourself your body tells you to move away. Your reflexes tell your body what is dangerous and wants you to stay away.