Why are rasis slurs bad?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: Why are rasis slurs bad?
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What are slurs?


How is the 'n' word a bad word?

Because most derogatory terms and racial slurs are considered "bad" words. They are used to affect others negatively and arouse feelings from anger to depression.

Why did martin Luther king jr want freedom?

Because he was tired of people being rasis

Why is it wrong to use homophobic slurs?

For the same reason it is wrong to use any slurs: their intent is to hurt someone.

Is Justin Bieber rasis tawrd Hispanics?

yES he is rasist towards hispanic Africa-Americans and Asians

In music Can slurs cross lines?

yes they can.

What percent of the population own cars?

yall bitchs r all rong errbody da world im rasis

Can you use racial slurs on television?

Not Really Because It's Racial But,Comedians (Like On Comedy Centrol) Use Rude,Stupid Racial Slurs

What are racial slurs for women?

Women isn't a race its a sex so i think you should reformat your Question and ask "What are Sexist Slurs Against Women"

Why do southerners like to use slurs like the N or Y word?

Not all southerners use slurs but the ones that do it are racist and ignorant to other races and cultures.

Can you get arrested in Canada for using homophobic slurs?