Why are people so tall?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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People are tall because of their genetics. People will get their height from the genes of their parents and ancestors.

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Q: Why are people so tall?
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Why are presidents so tall?

Presidents are so tall because people pay more attention to tall people.

How do people grow so tall?

people grow so tall because maybe its in their genes

Is there medicine for tall people?

it related about his/her jeen........ so we dont give medicine for tall people

How are black people so tall?


Why tall people are better than small people?

I'm sorry everyone who is tall but tall people are no better small people! I am tall myself but it is proven 10% of small people have been uninjured so that means small people have a better balance because of their weight

Why are roller coasters so tall?

to get people scared

What is it called when your afraid of short people?

I believe that gigaphobia is the fear of tall people.

Should people be able to be gay?

There is no choice, so there is nothing to debate. That's like asking if tall people should be able to be tall.

Why are Dutch people so tall?

its because there very healthy

Why are so many presidents so tall?

Many presidents are very tall because people tend to elect taller rulers in the U.S.

Was Ivan the terrible 7 ft tall?

No. Actually there is no information about his height. People were short then so anyone that was tall stood out.

Why do people tall?

people get tall because of the jeans of there family like there grandmother might be tall but you mother might be short and your father might be tall too so you are more then likely to become tall I am only 14 and I am almost 6feet tall I am a girl my father is tall my mother is short but my moms mom is also tall too so thats what gave me the jeans to become tall and to let you know I freaking hate being tall because now it is hard finding a tall boyfriend really cute and really taller then me