Why are people so distracted?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: Why are people so distracted?
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Who distracted Nagaina so Rikki could destroy her eggs?

darzze the bird's wife distracted nagaina

What are some reasons masks are good to use in a performance?

so people don't recognise their faces and so they don't get distracted so when they perform they will do really good at the performance

Why do people forget about depression during physical activity?

they get distracted

Do people do worse in school when they chew gum?

some people will get distracted and some won't

How people do on tests with ipods in school?

some people do good but some also get distracted

Why are clever people distracted?

Sometimes it's because... ooh, shiny object!!

Why should you ban cellphone usage from people who are driving?

people who are driving can get more distracted from the person talking to them.

How do you do your home work without getting distracted?

slap yourself inthe head every time you get distracted, eventually you wont want to get hurt so youll foucus!

How has entertainment affected America?

because Americans are getting distracted and people are not focusing on school and people easily get dumb

Does tv stop kids from doing chores?

yes becuase they get so distracted

Do emotions effect an athletes gameplay?

I would think so. You would be distracted.

Where you sit in class affect your grade?

I think so as people who sit in the back are more likely to be distracted by the people in front of them. In the front seat you have no choice but to pay attention since the prof is lookign directly at u..