Why are grains good for us?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Whole grains are good for us because they have more nutrition and more fiber.

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Q: Why are grains good for us?
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Is grains good 4 your bodies?

Grains are good for your body but it depends wich grains they are.

Is rice good for us?

yes,it is a grain. grains contain proteen whoch are good 4 you. but dont eat 2 much!

What are four types of grains in the US?

Maze,wheat,rice,brea are major types of grains in the US

How many grains of sand are in a gallon?

1 US gallon is 128 ounces.

How many moles of rice grains are equal to 1.807 x 10 24 grains of rice?


What is the Queen of whole grains that is a protein for vegetarians?

There are many whole grains which are a good protein for vegetarians. The queen of whole grains will be different for different people and their circumstances.

What does us trade dollar 1876 weigh?

420 grains

Is it good to eat barley?

Whole grains of any type are good for you. I put it in soup!

Why are grains good for you?

Grains are necessary for proper digestion, encouraging sleep and calming the nervous system. Food that contain grains include bread, rice and cereals which are needed for a balanced diet.

Grains used for food and animal fodder?

its good and healthy

What food good group does cereal go in?


How does rice help your bodies?

it gives us grains and is one of the carbohydrates