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because our hair has a lack of moisture (oil) so we put grease or oil in our haiR. For you guys oily hair is bad but for us it is a sign of healthy hair. But not all African Americans hair is greasy!

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Q: Why are African Americans hair so greasy?
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Why is Severus Snape's hair so greasy?

Maybe Hair Oil

Why does your hair get so greasy so fast?

Hormonal changes and increased humidity can cause greasy hair. Oils are naturally released in the scalp but there are ways to prevent it.

Can African-Americans have red hair?

Yes. My mother is African American and was born with strawberry blond hair which later turned red. Both of her parents (my grandparents) are African American although it's possible my grandfather has 25% European American ancestry. Because she get's a relaxer to straighten her hair, the chemicals turns her hair Auburn. African Americans can have any hair color possible. I have meet more African Americans with blond kinky hair than red. So I'm sure my mom is pretty rare.

Why do african-americans have black hair?

It's just genitics. Black hair is a dominant trait, so anyone who has a parent with black hair usually has black hair.

Why do cats not get greasy hair?

Because They Clean/Lick/Groom Their Fur Regular no its cause they don't have sweat glands so they wont get greasy hair.

Why do African Americans have short hair?

Generally, the hair contains less water, grows more slowly, and breaks more easily than Caucasian or Asian hair. Remember, however, that plenty of African Americans have hair equally as long & longer than other people; the reason why it looks so short is because of shrinkage.

Why is greasy hair embarrassing?

You can do only some much for yourself. If you can't help having greasy hair. You shouldn't worry about it or what other people think. I hardly can do anything about my frizy, curly hair from time to time but I learn to live with it. I'm unquie that way and so are you. So don't think of your greasy hair so much but if it does really bug you try looking up new Shampoos and conditoners.

Why you wash your hair?

so your hair doesn get manky and greasy what happens if you dont wash your hair ugh it makes me heave even thinking about it

Why is your hair so greasy no matter what you do with it?

Hair secretes oils. You just need to wash it every day, and use a deep cleaning shampoo. You might need to consider using different styling products as well; they can make your hair greasy.

Were all African-Americans slaves?

Not all African Americans were slaves. Many were free African Americans while others were so light in their skin color so they could pass as a white. Some free African Americans owned slaves themselves.

What is a good shampoo for greasy hair?

If you have greasy hair, then that mean you shampoo less often. So, usually what you need to do is to shampoo your hair more often. If it's still greasy, then ask a hair specialist about your problem. Remember: Don't shampoo everyday, you'll get bald that way. Just shampoo every one day. Ex. Shower on Monday, skip tuesday and then shower on Wednesday.

If you have a greasy scalp is that good?

having greasy hair isn't ever really good, it means that it isn't clean, or that you maybe failed to rinse out conditioner from your hair after a shower. however, if your hair is greasy right after you take a shower and you really washed out your conditioner, it could be due to puberty, just like your face gets oily during puberty, so can your scalp.