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Q: Why after I cut myself I do not bleed Or much?
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When do hamster bleed?

when they get cut

Why don't you lose much blood when you get a cut?

Because right when you get cut, cells immediately get to work on healing the wound and attack infections, which helps you to not bleed to much.

Where can you bleed?

you can bleed on any part of your skin that is cut or wounded.

If you cut your tongue will your tongue bleed?

Yes! Of course it WILL bleed.

How do you bleed radiators in ford probe?

Cut it and let it bleed =)

If you cut a mole will you bleed?

puss will come out you want bleed

How much time it take to die if the pulmonary artery in hand was to be cut and bleed?

15 minutes

Can you get aids from a cut from your mom's razer?

If she also cut her self and bleed and you used it and you bleed,and if she had aids you probably have aids,get tested

How does dogs bleed?

Dogs bleed the same way people bleed. When they have a cut or any other injury that breaks the skin they will bleed.

Would a bone bleed if it were cut?


What happens to the skin when you get a cut?

you bleed

A person can bleed to death if he or she has a cut?

Yes , if they are stabbed in the groan they can bleed to death, but if its a minor cut the bleeding should inventually cease