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Q: Why adult woman needs less energy each day than an adult man?
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How much energy does a woman use each day?

Recommended nutrition for an adult female is 2000 kilocalories/day on average, but it does depend on how much activity is undertaken

Why organism needs light energy?

To carry out photosynthesis.Every and each animal depend on this energy

Why is the sun the ultimate source of energy for us?

Because it gives energy to the plants, using pphotosynthisis. Herbivors then eat these plants, then meat eaters eat these. They each get the energy from the plants. This goes on and on. This is why more and more food needs to be eaten each level you increase in the food chain, because each time some energy is lost, the animal needs to eat more to get the same amount of energy.

Why might adult twin brothers need different amounts of energy each day?

The two adult brothers would have different jobs and would do different things so they would need different amounts of energy.

In what state is reliant energy based?

Reliant energy is in not based in one individual state. Each state has its own companies with their own guidelines about their energy needs and energy uses.

How does the body need each of the food groups?

body needs food for growth, energy and repair

How does energy change a young child?

Nutritious foods give the body energy. Young children use more energy for movement/activity, as well as growth, than an adult. A child needs several healthy snacks each day, plus meals. Kids love "finger foods"-- cut celery, raw or cooked carrots, veggies, fruits.

What Two Things rely on each other?

Plants and animals rely on each other in a symbiotic relationship. Plants produce oxygen and food through photosynthesis, which animals need to survive, while animals provide carbon dioxide and nutrients that plants need to grow. This interdependence is essential for maintaining the balance of ecosystems.

How often does an egg leave the ovary in an adult woman?

An egg typically leaves the ovary once a month during ovulation in adult women.

How did Mormons display several wifes in us census?

It depends on how the family was living. If all the wives lived in one home, the census would list multiple adult women living in the same home as an adult man. If the wives lived at seperate addresses, then each address would list one adult woman. Whether or not each woman was listed as a wife is not consistent, and just depends on what they told the census worker.

Who has to go on Hajj?

Hajj is obligatory once in lifetime on each adult Muslim man and woman provided he is in good health and can afford the expenses.

A glass holds 225ml an adult needs about 1.8 liters of water each day to stay healthyhow many glasses is that?