Why Venus was angry of psyche?

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Venus hated Psyche passionately because of her great beauty. People were beginning to ignore Venus's altars and they instead sacrificed to Psyche, calling her the new goddess of beauty. Furious at this mere mortal girl who was stealing the homage that Venus thought rightfully belonged to her, she attempted to have her son Cupid make Psyche fall in love with a horrible monster. When Cupid ended up falling in love with Psyche himself, this only served to make Venus even more furious; that her own son would adore her worst enemy.

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Q: Why Venus was angry of psyche?
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What plan does Venus have for Psyche?

If Psyche ever sees Venus, Venus swore to leave her forever.

Why didn't Venus like Psyche?

More people went to see Psyche then Venus; Venus was jealous of her.

Why couldn't Psyche see Cupid?

Venus wanted to get Psyche out of the way - Psyche was too pretty.

What is the climax of the story cupid and psyche?

when Venus gave the tasks to Psyche

Psyche had to perform three tasks for WHO?

Venus gave Psyche the tasks.

Why does Venus finally accept Psyche?

Psyche loves Cupid. Psyche is a human. Cupid is Venus's son. Venus sends Psyche on a mission to deliver a precious box to Hades. Psyche curiosity made her open the box and it put her in an internal sleep. Cupid sees this and rescues her and put the sleep back in the box. Psyche completes the mission and Venus finally accepts her. Jupiter also sees Psyche and he makes her immortal. So then Cupid and Psyche could be together.

How did Venus of the story cupid and psyche change?


What are Psyche's weaknesses?

She believes the lies of Venus.

How did venus change of the story of psyche and cupid?


How did Psyche anger Venus'?

Psyche angered Venus because mortals believed that she was more beautiful than even she. Venus' temples were abandoned, and all the honors that were once hers were given to a mortal girl. Venus was also angered because Psyche kept succeeding in her tasks.

What did Venus tell her son Cupid to do to Psyche?

Venus told Cupid to make Psyche fall in love with the most despicable and vile creature in the world.

Who are Psyche's enemies?

Well, Psyche doesn't really have any enemies. She has Aphrodite/ Venus who does everything possible under the sun to keep Psyche and Eros (her son) apart. Talk about a terrible mother-in-law. But eventually, Aphrodite forgives Psyche. However, there's more to it than meets the eye. Aphrodite was originally angry with Psyche because men were leaving her temples to go worship Psyche. (She was so beautiful) So, she already had a reason to be angry with her, then Eros goes and falls in love with Psyche. I guess you could also say that Psyche's sisters are her enemies, because they are the ones who convince her that her husband could be a monster. This is what prompted Psyche to lose her faith in her husband, and Eros was angry and flew off. But don't worry, because they got back together again.

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