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free base cocaine

he tryed to kill himself after attempting to quit crack. he had a bottle of bacadi 151 on the fire place mantel, poured it on him self- and lit a lighter. when I was 10 (1980) Memorial Day weekend, I was at sherman oaks burn center. I had 3rd degree burns 1/2 of my right leg.they told me they couldn't help me- as they had every avalible specialist working on richard prior,and asked me if i would I like to meet him. there was a crowed outside in the parking lot below his second floor room. some were reporters most were fans. i thought i was badly burned, but my pain almost forgoten.all the operations- and time spent in the hospital.- but only thing going through my mind was did richard mae it.and how was his pain level. one of the worst non stop pain I have lived.

sorry for the short book, it's personal.......

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Q: Why Richard Pryor was badly burned in 1980?
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the comedian covered himself in rum and set it alightFreebase Cocaine

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It was the comedian Richard Pryor, he poured 151% proof rum over himself and lit a match.

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Yes, Richard Pryor suffered severe burns while freebasing cocaine in 1980, resulting in significant injuries. He incorporated this traumatic experience into his later comedy routines and continued to perform despite the challenges he faced.

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