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because it clogs your arteries. it can make your heart stop giving you a heart attack.

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Q: Why Is too much cholesterol bad for your heart?
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Is high cholesterol directly associated with bad heart health?

High cholesterol is associated with bad heart health in the sense that when there is too much choleserol in your blood it builds up on the walls of your arteries, which decreases the blood flow that is able to get to your heart. To find out more about high cholesterol and bad heart health with ways to help prevent it go to

Too much saturated fat does what to the heart?

It's not completely about how much food you actually consume, but more so it's the amount of fat, calories, and definitely the amount of cholesterol that you eat. Too much cholesterol can clog your blood flow, which makes it harder for blood to pump to your heart. That can lead in extremely bad medical issues.

What harm does cholesterol do to the body?

too much cholesterol in the blood can lead to heart and blood vessel disease.

What are the health hazards of too much cholesterol?

Cholesterol is found in fatty foods. The health hazards of too much cholesterol or high cholesterol levels is risk of heart disease, heart attack or stroke. The presence of high cholesterol levels is detected by a blood test. It can be treated by a change in diet or medication.

Why are healthy cholesterol levels important?

Cholesterol is a naturally occurring entity in our body. If we add too much bad cholesterol to our blood vessels it can build up and block blood flow and then cause strokes or heart attacks. This is a treatable problem.

Is lobster bad for cholesterol level?

No. But if too much oil is added then yes.

What does cholesterol mean?

LDLC Cholesterol is considered to be the "bad" cholesterol in one's diet. Intake of too much LDLC Cholesterol increases the risk of cardiovascular health problems.

Can too much cholesterol lead to a minor heart disease?

Yes, and major as well.

What is the role of cholesterol in heart?

Cholesterol is either absorbed from food or made in the body. This synthesis can take place in most cells in the body including the cells of the heart, however cholesterol does not only come from the heart. Cholesterol can lead to clogging of arteries around the heart leading to heart problems.

Why do we need to know the presence of cholesterol in our body?

Cholesterol - is a fatty substance... too much of it in the bloodstream can cause blockages - leading to heart attacks.

Why do you have high cholesterol?

Actually, your body needs cholesterol to function. It helps create hormones, Vitamin D and bile acids.A problem arises when you have too much of the "bad" cholesterol in your system.When your doctor does a cholesterol panel, it looks at HDLs (good cholesterols) and LDLs (bad cholesterols). LDLs adhere to arterial walls and can lead to blockages. The end result is an increased risk for stroke or heart attack.While high cholesterol can run in families, most people's cholesterol is high because they consume too many animal products that are high in this bad cholesterol. Think beef, lamb and pork products. Fish is also high in cholesterol, but the fats tend to be unsaturated, and the cholesterol is considered "good."

What are some health problems that may occur if you eat too much meat?

Too much iron Too much cholesterol, with its risk of heart-disease Not enoughg antioxidants