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Your own Home insurance would cover the damages to your home

In the United States at least, no one is held liable for acts of nature. It does not matter if a tree fell on your property whether from your yard, your neighbors yard, blown in from some national forest down the street or some other yard due to a natural occurrence.

AnswerIt's going to depend on how both of the insurance policies read and what the insurance claims adjusters decide in regards as to how it happened.

for example, was the tree dead already and a hazard waiting to happen? Then it's your neighbor's insurance that will end up paying.

also, was it a healthy tree and just knocked down by a storm, then it's your insurance, and so on, there are hundreds of scenarios.

I would suggest, unless the damage is very minor, that you go ahead and contact your insurance company and they will come out and evaluate the situation, and they will collect from the neighbors insurance if need be, you don't have to do much except report it.


AnswerIf the neighbors tree was dead and should have been cut down then the neighbor may be liable. If the tree was alive and healthy then you and your insurance company will have to cover the damage. So in other words, what he said.
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Q: Whose insurance pays for your garage if the neighbor's tree falls on it during a storm?
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If the neighbors tree fell on your house during a hurricane took out the fence and damaged your roof of your house does their homeowners insurance cover the damage?

NO. Your neighbor is not liable for an act of nature that fells a tree. Your homeowners insurance will fix the damage to your property and the neighbors insurance would fix damage to the neighbors property. It does not matter who the tree belonged to.AnswerMaybe. It doesn't hurt to try if your neighbor will tell you who they are insured with. They are not obligated to do so. AnswerI'm not really sure. However, I do have a friend and his neighbor's house actually fell on top of his, but they considered it still standing and didn't give the full amount of the house's worth. AnswerYour own homeowner's insurance should cover this. If they think the neighbor is responsible, they will collect from his insurance company. In a hurricane a tree could have come from the next county - then how would you know whose tree it was? It depends on your state's laws, but most would consider this an act of nature and you are responsible for the damage caused by your neighbors tree. Call your insurance company, if you have a storm damage rider, this will most likely be covered.

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