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You. The person pulling into traffic.

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you because you came out at the wrong time and you are supposed to pull out when there is no car coming and the road is clear

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Q: Whose fault if you pull out and hit a passing car?
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If someone hits your vehicle after you pull out from a parking lot whose fault is it?

It would be your fault, because you don't have the right to pull out right away. The car on the street does have the right to keep going though. You are supposed to wait until there is a gap in traffic .

If a car has his turning signal on and the car behind him gets hit from the car behind by the second car whose fault is it?

is fault of car behind the second car not yours

If a car hits a pedestrian and damages the car who pays?

Depends whose at fault..

Whose fault is it if your left tire blows while you are passing another car on the highway and the other car hits your front fender as your car swerves?

whoever crossed the center line and made contact I don't think "being passed" has ever been the cause of an accident. Of course the car that had the blowout and swerved is at fault.

Whose fault if all of sudden open a park car door was in park in pavement and their door hit the passing car.?

It is the 'fault' of the person who opened the door into the stream of traffic. In order to 'beat' the charge they would have to show that the operator of the vehicle intentionally swerved to hit the door.

Whose fault is it if car A is driving into a parking and car B pulls in out of no where and car A hits the driver's door of that car?

if the car b pulls in out of no where and with out the signal is car b fault

Who is responsible for an accident when car is not insured?

Whether the car is insured is not important, the point is who was at fault in causing the accident, it could be the person whose car is insured that is at fault.

When a car drives out of a parking space on a main road and another car hits the back of that car whose fault is it?

Not enough detail here to determine fault

Left car parked behind blue car on a road. Now car is touching another car. The car was left all day whose fault?

it is left cars fault

Who is at fault a car tries to pass you on the inside with insufficent room you are both moving forwards and hit oneanother whos at fault?

The car passing with an illegal lane change.

Who is at fault if your car door is open and another car drives into it?

The other driver's fault. He or she should have paid attention.Another View; IT DEPENDS. If you opened the door to a traveled lane and it was struck by passing traffic - YOU are the one at fault.

Whose fault is it if a car backs outs of a parking space and hits a parked car?

The person who drove their car into the parked car.