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because a fart is smelly

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Q: Whose farts smell worsegirls or boys farts?
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Do girls or boys have stinkier farts?

no both of there farts smell the same

Who is farts smell better boys or girls?

girls. ALL THE WAY

Do girls or boys farts smell worse?

I have the answer right here. I looked it up. The odor of farts comes from small amounts of hydrogen sulfide gas and mercaptans. (Mercaptans smell like rotten cabbage) Being male or female has nothing to do with it.

Do boys smell when they sleep?

Boys will smell when they sleep if they haven't taken a shower recently. But smell isn't something that is inherent to boys.

What if a girl farts beside of a cute boy?

The Boys runs away.

What are good veggies and beans to eat for gout?

beans? they produce a lot of gas from your butt. do not let the gas out in school! the people who smell it would grab their nose, but your fart might be loud so they will know who farted and make fun of you especially your a girl because girl farts smell more then boys' farts. I know that because I once smelt a girl's fart in school and it was NASTY! I soon found out that Ava let the gas out.

Why do boys do so many farts?

That's easy! It's because we like to fart.

What is the smell of playground?

The smell of the playground is boys sweating

Do boys or girls gave stinkier farts?

It smells the same and different.. depends what the person eats.

Whose hands are bigger boys or girls pictures?


Why do boys farts smell worser than girls farts?

I doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl, it depends on what you eat. • Well, the longer you hold in a fart the smellier it is. Girls fart smells worser because they try to hide it and hold it in for a really long time until they can't hold it in any more. So then it comes out and smells horrible. But a guys doesn't smell as bad because when they feel it they'll 'let it rip' and so it doesn't smell as bad.

How many boys smell?

All of them ... after gym.