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i'll go with aang because he can bloodbend

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Q: Who would win in a fight sasori vs Aang?
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Who would win in a fight Makuta or The Avatar?

Avatar Aang

Who would win in a fight aang or optimus prime?

AANG! of course he could fire bend and melt his metel

How could Aang win a fight against Naruto?

Aang can't win. In fact nobody can win a against with Naruto. Naruto would sub-consciously unleash his Nine-tales if he ever comes near death. And when he does that, well easily said, it's the end of Aang.

Who would win in a Goku or aang?

goku he can destroy the universe

Who would win in a fight Aang or goku?

goku because he can turn super saiyan and he could destroy him woth kamehameha

Who would win aang or Naruto?

NAURTO WOULD WIN he has a nine tails,sage mode, and super mode NAURTO CAN BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF AANG

Aang Vs Sasukewho would win and why?

Aang would so win because if sasuke would try anything, it wouldn't matter 4 Aang could counter it with 1 of the 4 elements.Another thing is that sasuke is like a complete and utter hobo. AND Aang can go like avatar on him

Who would win in a fight between Goku from Dragon Ball and Aang - the last airbender?

Aang, no question. I have to root for Goku on this one, but it would be a tie on the account that both of them can come back from the dead. I would definitely say that Aang would win in the fight, because he can kick some pretty serious butt when he's in his Avatar State. I don't think Goku would stand a chance. Haha aang can tear sh** up when he is in the avatar state. But ss Goku 4 is too powerful for any anime character ever made! goku can probably beat aang as ss2... ss4 would make aang not want to come back to life!

Who will win Aang or Goku?

Goku would win because he would go kamehameha on aangs ass

Who would win Aang normal or three tailed naruto?

tie or naruto

Who would win in a fight Aang or Frieza?

That's kind of an opinion question, haha. I personally think Frieza...It's hard to judge when their series' powers and whatnot are so different.

Who would win Aang or naruto or kekekshi or luffy?

Definately Naruto hands down