Who would win Pegasus or Cerberus?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Hydra would win beacause he has so many heads

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Hermes, as he is an Immortal god.

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The Pegasus could win because it has wings to fly, something that Cerberus doesn't have. But the Pegasus might have to be careful because Cerberus has 3 heads of a dog and the body of a horse, and one of the heads could bite the Pegasus! Winner: Pegasus

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Q: Who would win Pegasus or Cerberus?
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Who would win in a battle dark wolf or pegasus?

If you are talking about Beyblades, then Pegasus would win, but in the end, they both suck... In real life, Pegasus is just a horse with a dick on his head. Wolves would win, hands down.

Can a you wn with storm pegasus?

You can easily win with Storm Pegasus if your a good blader.

Who wins Pegasus or yu gi oh?

due mates yugi would obviously win

Who would win in a race a Pegasus or a dragon?

Dragon. Pegasus are beautiful and powerful, i agree. But when compared to Dragon Pesus must go one step below the dragon.. Because dragons are more violent and not soft as pegasus...

In the film 300 how would the Spartans have reacted to seeing exotic creatures for the first time?

Honestly many of these creatures were part of the Greek religion and were as real as Cerberus or Pegasus. In other words they probably &##& their pants.

Can big bang pegasus win gravity destroyer?

it depends on the type of stadium if its a stadium like thunder whip it has chances to win but if it isa stamina stadium it would loose

What is hades favorite animal?

I would say Cerberus. But, he is fond of black animals.

Who are cerberus's enemies?

I was hoping you would tell me ..

How did Hades find Cerberus?

Cerberus was the offspring of Typhon and Echidna. During one of his quests with his brothers Zeua and Poseidon, he found Cerberus and took a liking to him. Cerberus was then given to Hades by the parents because they saw that Hades would take care of him.

What magical qualities did Pegasus have?

First of all, Pegasus are not real but if they were, they would just like flying unicorns and they would... be flying unicorns.

What are some creatures from Greek mythology?

The Chimera, Pegasus, and the Sphinx are examples of creatures from Greek mythology. See 'related links' for more. Also there's the Hydra, Cerberus, the Minotaur, and many kinds of dragons.

How much could a real Pegasus be worth?

A real Pegasus would be a great find for this century of explorers. A Pegasus could not only be used as transportation but would become invaluable friends for life. (BFFL) Someone who was keen enough to find a Pegasus would be able to sell it for 1 Centillion as the minimum price.