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Well, It won't be Will Ferrel (Deangelo Vickers). It will be an outside hire. The actors name is Ricky Gervais.

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Q: Who will be the replacement for Michael Scott on the office?
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Who is the performer of the character Michael Scott?

The part of Michael Scott on "The Office" is played by Steve Carell.

Who played the lead role of Michael Scott in the office?

Steve Carell played Michael Scott.

What is Michael Scott's job in the office?

Regional Manager

Who is Michael on The office?

Michael Scott is the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin, Scranton on The Office, and is played by Steve Carell.

What was the episode where Michael Scott wears women clothes?

The Office, Episode 3.18, The Negotiation

Who is the male star in the tv program the office?

Steve Carell plays Michael Scott, the star of the American series "The Office."

Who plays Michael Scott on the TV series The Office?

STEVE CARELL (save some oodles for me)

What was Michael Scott's position in the show The Office?

Regional Branch Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scanton

Who came up with the line ''that's what she said''?

In "The Office", Michael Scott is the character who says it as often as possible.

Why is Michael Scott leaving The Office?

Because his actor, Steve Carell, feels like its time to go.

What are the release dates for The Office - 2005 Michael Scott Paper Company 5-21?

The Office - 2005 Michael Scott Paper Company 5-21 was released on: Canada: 9 April 2009 USA: 9 April 2009 Finland: 20 September 2012

Which episode of the office featured Michael Scott's rolodex?

In Season 5, Episode 24, Michael begins to steal Dwight's clients using his rolodex.