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Hans Albert Einstein and Eduard Einstein

Hans Albert Einstein and Eduard Einstein

maybe twins

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Q: Who were the two sons of Albert Einstein?
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What did Albert Einstein name his son?

He had two sons Hans Albert, and Eduard Einstein.

What is Albert Einstein's children'sname?

Albert Einstein had a daughter named Lieserl Einstein, and two sons named Hans Albert Einstein and Eduard Einstein

How many babies did Einstein have and what are their names?

Albert Einstein had three children. A daughter; Lieserl Einstein, and two sons; Hans Albert Einstein and Eduard Einstein.

Did albert einstein have a big family?

Albert Einstein did not have a large immediate family. He and his first wife had one daughter before they were married, and two sons after their marriage. Albert Einstein did not have any children with his second wife.

Did albert Einstein have any kids?

yes he had a daghter and two sons

What are the names of Albert Einstein's sons?

what were his 2 sons names?Hans Einstein, and Eduard Einstein

Albert Einstein sons?

They were Hans Albert (who was born in 1904) and Eduard (born in 1910). They were both the sons of Albert Einstein and Mileva Maric.

Was Einstein married and did he have a son?

Yes, Albert married to Mileva at his first time, and borned two sons, Eduard and Hans Einstein.

How many grand kids did albert Einstein have?

three two sons,hans and eduard and a daughter lieserl

Is Alan Einstein the son of Albert Einstein?

No the sons of Albert Einstein are: Hans Albert Einstein and Eduard. They also had a daughter named Lieserl (Her real name is unknown but love letters to Einstein's wife Maric from Einstein call her Lieserl)

Alebert Einstein family?

Albert Einstein was married twice and had three children. He was first married to Mileva Marić, with whom he had two sons named Hans Albert and Eduard. After divorcing Mileva, Einstein married his second wife Elsa Löwenthal, who had two daughters from a previous marriage. Einstein had no biological children with Elsa.

Did Albert Einstein have children?

Einstein married Mileva Marić and had three children, a daughter Lieser and two sons, Hans Albert and Eduard Tete. After their divorce in 1919, Einstein married Elsa Löwenthal in the same year. They had no children of their own, instead they raised Elsa's two children from her previous marriage.