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For the most part the two main protagonists were the US vs. USSR. On a broader scale it was NATO vs. the Soviet Block.

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Q: Who were the main enemies in the Cold War?
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Who is the U.S. still enemies with from the cold war?

North Korea

Why did the cold war enemies spy on each other?

probably to see if their enemies were firing any missiles

Who were Main adversaries of the Cold war?

The enemies of the U.S. during the Cold War were the USSR(controlled by Russia) and the Soviet satellite countries of eastern Europe (Warsaw Pact).To a lesser extent, another was the other major communist power, the People's Republic of China. During the Cold War, China became a nuclear power and practically a superpower itself.

Is the cold war part of world war 2?

no No, the Cold War is quite separate from WW II. Note that in WW II, Russia was an ally of the US, while Germany and Japan were enemies of the US. In the Cold War, Russia became the main enemy of the US, and West Germany and Japan were allies of the US. So the alliances switched.

Who were Britain's main enemies in the world war 1?


Why is the cold war?

The Cold War was refered to as "Cold" because a cold war means there is no fighting going on at all, but a "Hot" war is when there is fighting going on (Take WWII as an example for a hot war). But we got envolved with the war because our enemies were under a Communist Government and we were under a Democratic Government.

Who was the US 3 enemies during World War 2?

The main three enemies of the US in WW2 were Germany, Japan and Italy .

What were the main reasons for the Vietnam war to begin?

Part of the cold war.

Who were germanny's enemies in World War I?

Germany's main enemies in World War 1 were Britain, France, Italy, and Russia. America too, but we joined the war later than any of the other Allies.

What main nations were fighting in the Cold War?

Cold War means NO FIGHTING. There was no war during the cold war, with the exceptions of the two "HOT BATTLES" of the cold war, the Korean War and Vietnam War. Actual war between the the USSR & the US never happened.

What was the main reason US entered the Vietnam War?

Part of the cold war.

What are differences between a cold war and a hot war?

in a cold war, there is no shooting whatsoever, in a hot war, there are hot girls shooting at each other.