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Wanda de Sah was the carry over lead from Brasil '65. She was replaced by Lani Hall and Janis Hansen for Brasil '66. After a group revolt involving low rent rooming during touring, Mendes fired everyone including the two women singers. Alpert, the group's producer, talked Mendes into keeping Hall. He hired Karen Philips to replace Hansen and formed a new band. The rest is history (or herstory)!

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Lani Hall and Karen Philipp were the singers when I saw them perform in 1969.

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Lani Hall and Janis Hansen (who lead sang on The Look of Love).  Karen Philips replaced Janis after Mendes had his own Friday night masaquere where he fired the band for asking for better travel accomodations.  Alpert made sure he hired Hall back.

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Q: Who were the female singers from sergio mendes and Brazil 66?
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