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Elli was the personification of old age in Norse mythology. She defeated Thor in a Wrestling match.

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Q: Who was the personification of old age in Norse mythology?
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Who was the Nor mythology god of old age?

If you mean the Norse God of old age...I believe it to be "ELLI the Goddess of Old age" a "Crone Goddess" that bested The Norse God Thor in a wrestling match by 2 falls and a submission.

What kind of culture did you find in Norse mythology?

Norse or Scandinavian mythology comprises the myths of north Germanic pre-christian religion. Most of the written sources for Norse mythology were assembled in medieval Iceland in Old Norse, notably as the Edda. Norse mythology is the best-preserved version of wider Germanic Paganism, which also includes the closely related Anglo-Saxon and continental varieties. Germanic mythology can be shown to preserve certain aspects attributed to common Indo-European Mythology. Norse mythology has its roots inProto-Norse Iron Age Scandinavian prehistory. It flourishes during the Viking Age and following the Christinization of Scandinavia during the High Middle Ages passed into Scandinavian folklore, some aspects surviving to the modern day.

Who is the goddess of the dead in Norse mythology?

Those who died from old age or sickness belong to Hel. Those who died bravely in battles belong to either Freya or Odin.

What has the author Margaret Clunies Ross written?

Margaret Clunies Ross has written: 'Goyulan, the morning star' 'Prolonged echoes' -- subject(s): Civilization, Civilization, Medieval, in literature, Ethnology, History and criticism, Mythology, Norse, Norse Mythology, Old Norse literature, Religion, Vikings

What Language did Eric the Red Speak?

Eric the Red was a Norse explorer, and he is believed to have spoken Old Norse, which was the language of the Vikings. Old Norse is an ancient North Germanic language that was commonly spoken in Scandinavia during the Viking Age.

What language did leif Eric son speak?

Leif Erikson was a Norse explorer and is believed to have spoken Old Norse, the language spoken in Scandinavia during the Viking Age.

What is ragnarok in Norse mythology?

It is a series of events in the Old Norse canon that describe the fall of the gods and the submersion of the world in water, from which only two humans will survive. You could say it's the Norse myth version of the Book of Revelation.

Thor lll. what does thor stand for?

It is of Old Norse origin, and the meaning of Thor is "thunder". Mythology: Thor was the Norse god of thunder and power, one of the sons of Odin. Thursday was named for Thor.

How old was Greek mythology Pandora?

Pandora is a female in Greek mythology; which has no chronology of age.

What has the author Hilda Roderick Ellis Davidson written?

Hilda Roderick Ellis Davidson has written: 'Scandinavian mythology' -- subject(s): Norse Mythology 'The battle god of the Vikings' -- subject(s): Odin (Norse deity), Vikings 'The Hero in Tradition and Folklore' 'The sword in Anglo-Saxon England' -- subject(s): Anglo-Saxons, Antiquities, English literature, History and criticism, Medieval Swords, Swords in literature, Swords, Anglo-Saxon, Swords, Medieval, Swords, Medieval, in literature 'Katherine Briggs' -- subject(s): Folklorists, Biography 'The road to Hel' -- subject(s): Dead, Folklore, Funeral rites and ceremonies, Future life, Future life (Norse religion), Mythology, Mythology, Norse, Norse Mythology, Old Norse literature, Scandinavia

What is the difference between old Norse and Norse?

Old Norse refers to the language. Norse refers to the people.

Who was the founder of Norse mythology?

NorAnswerI'm sorry but that sounds like a pun. (nor-way(which means "the way north")) Norse mythology isn't about Norway in particular, it's the Norse view of the entire known world. The first supreme king of Norway was Harald Haarfagre, however.