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Tom Brady. 5th round. ---- Kicker Mark Moseley was a 14th round choice who won MVP in 1982. John Unitas was a 9th round choice who won MVP in 1959.

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tom brady 25 years old

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Lamar Jackson got it at 23 years old in 2019

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Q: Who was the lowest drafted NFL player ever to win MVP?
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What is the lowest batting average by a position player that won the league MVP award?

.267 by St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Marty Marion, the 1944 NL MVP.

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Have the Brewers ever had a player that won an MVP?

Yes.Rollie Fingers was AL MVP in 1981 and Robin Yount won the award in 1982 and 1989.

Did a a player from a losing team ever won the regular season NFL MVP?


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Did Vince Carter ever get an MVP?

No. While Vince Carter was a successful basketball player and an eight-time NBA All-Star, he never received the MVP award.

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MVP originally started on Smackdown, then got drafted to RAW. He eventually moved back to Smackdown.

MVP player for Super Bowl 2010?

Drew Brees, the best QB to ever play football!

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He was the playoff mvp for the 2009 season

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No, he never won NBA MVP.