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Abraham to the High Priest Melchizedek the King of Salem.

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Q: Who was the first person in the bible to pay tithes?
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Can you pay your tithes to a Christian School?

no. you must pay your tithes to a church

Is anyone exempted from paying tithes?

All Christians are exempt from paying tithes. God/Bible never commanded Christians to pay tithes. Tithing is not part of New testament Christianity.Your Tithe Expert

Is it a major part of the old law that said that people are cursed if they do not pay tithes?

AnswerThere is nothing in the Bible that requires people to pay tithes. Of course, churches need funds, and some raise money by requesting tithes. However, the notion that one is cursed if one does not pay the tithe suggests that, for that church, mammon has become more important than God.

Do third world churches pay tithes?

Yes third world churches also pay tithes.

If you make 1760.00 a month how much tithes to the church do you pay?

The word tithe means ten percent. Ten percent of $1760 is $176. However, there is no commandment in the Bible that requires Christians to pay ten percent of their income to the church.Tithing is not part of New Testament Christianity.Your Tithe Expert

Did the king pay tithes?

Of course, all subjects of the Church - meaning all men, including the King - paid tithes.

Do you tithe an inheritance?

Only if you feel like it.Additional Info:According to the Bible only ancient Israel was required to pay tithes, and the tithes did not consist of money.The Bible never commands Christians to tithe. In fact no Christian (e.g, Apostles) mentioned in the Bible practiced tithing in any form.The New Testament encourages voluntary, Spirit-led giving. With that said, you can give from an inheritance. You can give any amount to anyone you want.

What denominations do not pay tithes?

There are many Christian religions who do not force tithes on their members. Jehovah's Witnesses are one in particular that do not force tithes or pass a collection plate. Any Christian religion that do not pressure their attendees to contribute could be lumped into this category.

Why is Melchizedek important to the church?

Melchizedek is only briefly named in the Bible, but is understood to be a man of great power and faith as Abraham went to Melchizedek to pay his tithes. Clearly the father of nations held great regard for this man.

What chapter in the book of Malachi does it mention that you must pay your tithes?

Malachi 3:10.

Where in the NT did the apostles urge the people to pay tithes?

In the New Testament we are told of Abraham paying tithes to Melchisedec and we are also told that his descendants indirectly paid the tithes. The apostles did not urge people to do so. Tithes were paid so that the Levites could be sustained as they were no entitled to any piece of land but daily ministration in the temple. But the New testament has no Levite per say and the bible makes reference to an end of Aaron's priesthood giving way to the priesthood of Jesus Christ and many laws (including of tithes) were done away with Read Hebrews chapter 7 verse 12 (as well as chapters 6 up to 10)

How many times did medieval people go to a tithe barn?

Medieval people typically went to the tithe barn once a year to pay their tithes. Tithes were a form of tax or contribution, usually one-tenth of a person's income or produce, which was collected by the church. The tithe barn served as a storage facility for the tithes until they were distributed or sold.