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Tigrounette. (answered by Tropwuvcras) :I

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Q: Who was the first one to play transformice?
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How do you get the title Fast Wind on Transformice?

Gather 4500 cheese first (you are the first one to enter the hole)

Where you can play transformice?

at\ fun and addicting

Why so many people play transformice?

because they like it.

Do you need Adobe flash player to play transformice?


How do you play music on the radio on transformice?

First off, you must have permission to do so. First you must click on the radio, then all you need to do is enter a direct MP3 link with the audio you want to play.

How do you play the chinese game of Crazy Squirrel in america?

Just play transformice...Theses chineeses had stolen the gameplay from them

Are there any red accounts on Transformice?

No because transformice is too much into holiday items, but maybe one day they'll make one red account...

When did Transformice happen?

Transformice happened in 2010.

How do you change profile on transformice?

By contacting transformice

What is acheat for one hundred cheese on transformice?

There is no such cheat.

How do you get Halloween items in transformice?

you just play in the halloween room which is called halloween or halloween with a number after it

When was Transformice created?

Transformice was created on 2010-05-01.