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Henry, he's a parol officer & a human.

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Q: Who was paige's husband on charmed?
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Who are Charmed loves?

Leo is Pipers love, Henry is Paiges love, Coop is Pheobe's love.

Who played Shane Paiges boyfriend in Charmed?

Jordan P. Bridges is the actor. He is currently playing Frankie in Rizzoli & Isles. See the related link for further information.

When is paiges birthday?

i want to know which Paige this is. there are hundreds of paiges in the world..

When are paiges babies due?


How did the mom die in charmed?

she got killed by that water demon thing in the ep when u first meet paiges father its early on in the series, she died cause the demon didnt freeze....kinda lame death if u ask me cause it was a random demon

Who is phoebe's husband played cupid season 8 in charmed?

Coop, Played by Victor Webster

What episode of charmed season 3 does cole coedroomme backvin through the tv in phoebes bedroom?

Why Did Charmed In? Is It Coming Back? Does Alyssa,Holly,And Rose Keep In Touch Does Alyssa And Rose Have Kids/Married? Did Holly Really Marry Charmed Husband Leo? Why Did Julian/Cole Quite Charmed? I Want Alyssa Rose And Holly To Do Another Movie Together it does not have to be charmed i love charmed its awesome

What were the names of satchel paiges brotyhers and sisters?

Lulu, Rita, Caroline, and Pam.

Does holly Marie combs have a husband?

Yes, she married Charmed crew member David Donoho when pregnant of their first child on Valentine's day.

Is there charmed ones yes or no?

charmed quarks yes, charmed lives no!

What are the comparative and superlative degree of charmed?

more charmed, most charmed

What is the name of the book that the Charmed Ones use on Charmed?

The Book of Shadows is the name of the book that the Charmed Ones use on Charmed.